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About Jo

Jo has been writing for as long as she can remember. Her first book, "The Dog and the Dog in the Pet Shop," was about... wait for it... two dogs in a pet shop! Pages glued together. Text written in pencil. “Pictures" (because she couldn't spell "illustrations") in crayon. But that book started something—a passion for writing. Many stories followed, but all for fun and mostly just for herself.

Fast forward a few decades later (yikes). There was a story invading her head. She thought about it all the time. One day, she wrote it down. She’d never written a full-length manuscript before, but suddenly had 75k words on the page (okay, on multiple pages). And that book started something even better—a passion for writing romance! Now, that book will never see the light of day (she can’t bear to look at it), but she hopes to share her other stories with you soon.

In the non-writing arena, Jo lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with her husband and needy, but lovable, doggos, Gus (Australian Shepherd) and Henrik (Swedish Vallhund—look it up, they’re adorable). Her favorite season is Fall, though the color change in the PNW isn't quite as beautiful as it is in her home state of Ohio. Jo loves cooking, though her favorite thing to eat (aside from potato chips) is pho, which she's unsuccessfully tried to make three times. Her drink of choice is either a Gibson or a Bloody Mary. She also love working on puzzles, hiking, and karaoke, and you’ll find references to all of these things in her stories.

Jo is represented by Eva Scalzo of the Speilburg Literary Agency.



2019 - Elevation of Love Contest - Cultural, Interracial, Multicultural RWA

Unpublished - Third Place (Abrazar)

2019 - The Catherine Contest - Toronto RWA

Contemporary Romance Long - First Place (With Abandon)

2019 - Stiletto Contest - Contemporary Romance Writers

Contemporary Romance Long - Finalist (With Abandon)

2019 - Melody of Love Contest - Music City Romance Writers

Contemporary Romance Long - Finalist (Forever Gone)

2018 - Fire and Ice Contest - Chicago North RWA

Contemporary Romance Long - Finalist (Forever Yours)

2018 - The Emily Contest - North Houston RWA

Contemporary Romance Long - Finalist (Forever Yours)

2017 - Linda Howard Award of Excellence - Southern Magic RWA

Contemporary Romance Long - Finalist (Forever Yours)


Works In Progress


A half-Mexican woman embraces her identity and her heart when she falls in love with the sexy—and off-limits—director of a Mexican folk dancing group after previously, and unintentionally, abandoning her culture. 

The Archaeologist's Guide to Digging Up Love

Two rival archaeologists must work together to find an ancient artifact from the Aztec empire. But bones and pottery shards aren't the only things they're digging up — they've also uncovered feelings they fought to deny. If only the truth didn't have to be buried in order for them to have a chance. 

With Abandon

An overworked attorney explores a new found passion for food—and her cooking class partner—even though doing so may ultimately cost her her career. 

Forever Yours

Bachelorette wine weekend. Philandering playboy winemaker. A cheating ex and plenty of liquid encouragement. All of the makings for a hot weekend away, except for the fact that she doesn't do one-night stands. And he doesn't fall in love. Until now.

Forever Gone

She ran out on the man she loved to pursue her dreams, and it backfired. Now down on her luck, she accepts help from an unlikely person—a failed blind date from a few years prior. But when his generosity sparks feelings she never thought she’d find again, will she be able to accept that she deserves love despite her own cruel past?

Forever Young

After almost a decade—and with slightly more confidence—a woman returns to Anja Winery to help her friends with a real estate deal and gets saddled with the winery owners’ handsome young grandson tagging along on property tours. But while she remembers him and notices how much he’s grown up, she hopes he doesn’t remember the old her... especially her old body. Hopefully no one does.  

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